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Foot Massage

Aromatherapy, the natural essence from plants and trees, is one of our specialties. All of our massage treatments are infused with Aromatherapy.


Indian Foot Massage

½ hour — $45

A unique and relaxing massage with roots in Ayurvedic medicine (the “Mother of all modern medicine”) and Marma Therapy (acupressure for strength and rejuvenation), Indian Foot Massage encourages deep relaxation and helps balance the entire body. The lower legs and feet are refreshed with warm towels and the Twelve Marmas (energy gateways) are massaged with a Kansa Vatki bowl, which is made of three different metals: copper, believed to help with pain reduction, inflammation and arthritis; zinc for the immune system and digestion; and tin for digestion and relief from headaches and insomnia. The manipulation of these points encourages the free flow of energy to advance the relaxation and revitalization of tired legs and feet, improve circulation and enhance joint mobility. Stress and anxiety levels are reduced, promoting sound sleep and clarity of mind.

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Traditional Thai Foot Massage

½ hour — $45

1 hour — $80

Originating in China over 5000 years ago, this treatment involves deep massage, stretching and focused acupressure on the lower legs and feet. A smooth, traditional teak wood Thai foot stick accompanies the therapist’s hands to stimulate the reflex and meridian lines, opening energy pathways and stimulating the internal organs to detoxify. This ancient treatment also improves circulation, drainage and immunity, encourages stress relief, deep relaxation, general health and well being and is a great way to promote mental clarity and more sound and restful sleep.

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½ hour — $55

An ancient healing technique using the stimulation of reflex points on the feet and ankles to reduce stress and promote balance and relaxation to all the organs and systems of the body. A wonderful preventative therapy, reflexology helps to facilitate stress and pain reduction, improve circulation and nerve function, and revitalize and restore the flow of energy in the entire body to encourage overall health and wellness.

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Spa guests must be at least 18 years of age to receive an appointment for any of our spa treatments.

Massage therapy is a healing art form through which each practitioner approaches his or her work uniquely, drawing from a wide range of techniques specific to his or her training and experience. Massage styles will vary between each individual therapist.