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AUTUMN – A Reminder of The Cycles of Life
published on September 27, 2016

Falling leaves, fading summer flowers, early evenings, and cool, misty nights help
usher in a blend of the magic and mystery of nature that is Autumn.

I love Autumn, and it never ceases to amaze me. I consider all of us fortunate to live
in a part of the country where we experience changing seasons and the rich flames of
color awash in our streets, parks, and backyards make this time of year my favorite.

Autumn has long been the inspiration of many authors, song writers, and poets,
about the changes that accompany the seasons, similar to the cycle of life that give
us pause to reflect on all of our experiences, both of joys and hardships, that
become the stuff of our memories. This season can remind us of the impermanence of
life, its gentle and rapid shifts, that we observe and experience as fleeting moments
all intertwined in nature as change.

While Autumn may symbolize the end of certain things it gives us much in return in beauty
and magnificence and a gentle reminder that speaks to the spirit that each season, like the
seasons of life, are full of awe and wonder. Treasure the season and the moment!