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How to Create a Soothing Spa Basket
published on December 16, 2014
spa gift basket

Winter has its perks, but it may also leave you feeling under the weather and your skin a little rough due to the cold conditions. There are ways to sooth and rejuvenate!The good news is that there are plenty of ways to enjoy the winter by learning how to create a spa basket for yourself or a loved one–full of spa treatments that will help you feel warm and your skin feel smooth!

A spa basket should consist of a few items that will help heal your skin and keep it hydrated as well as help you feel warm, cozy, and stress free! Here are a few item ideas to put in your spa basket:

Salt Scrub: The salt in body scrubs helps remove dead skin cells while the oils help replenish your skin as well as moisturize it. Salt scrubs can also repair damaged skin making it easier for you to tackle on the cold weather!

Bath Salts: Baby it’s cold outside! And to warm up, a nice long hot bath using bath salts can help you feel great after being out in the cold while letting you relax and relieve any stress you may have from holiday shopping.

Body Creams: Even after a bath and scrub, it’s necessary to moisturize your skin to nourish it even further and to protect it. Body creams are especially great for replenishing the extra dry and rough spots, which happen often from the harsh cold weather. No one likes cracked skin!

Aromatherapy Candles: De-stress yourself with seasonal aromatherapy candles. Sometimes you may feel under the weather just because of stress alone, and an aromatherapy candle can change the atmosphere as well as change your mood. Use an aromatherapy candle by the bath to really enhance the relaxing experience of a great bath soak.

Winter months have many holidays to look forward to, but winter also has cold weather that is not always a perk unless it brings a snow day! Whether you’re enjoying a snow day at home or simply want to relax at the end of a long day, use your spa basket to help rejuvenate and tackle on the season! Visit the Terme Di Aroma boutique for all spa basket essentials.