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Fruit-Infused Water for Healthy Skin
published on April 4, 2020

Endless spring and summer days are up ahead and there is an abundance of outdoor activities and opportunities to enjoy this spring and summer. However, being exposed for long periods in the sunlight can reduce skin elasticity without proper hydration, skin protection, and skin care. Using products that dry out your skin can be harmful as well, resulting in rough or flaky skin. This is often due to the outermost layers (epidermis) of your skin not retaining enough water.

Holistic skin care treatments such as Spa Terme Di Aroma’s Anti-Aging Facials and nourishing Escape Facial are solutions that can rejuvenate and re-infuse moisture to leave your skin soft, glowing and hydrated.

It’s important to remember the first step to good health and wellbeing begins with hydration, from the inside out. Infused water offers a fun and delicious way to enhance your H2O and overall drinking experience. Improve your skin health and benefit from the natural healing properties by infusing your water.

Blueberries are full of vitamin C and help produce collagen to improve your skin’s elasticity.

Lemon and other citrus fruits full of vitamin C promote clear skin texture, reducing the appearance blemishes, scars, and anti-aging.

Raspberries are low in the glycemic index and promote healthy skin cell growth and repair.

Cucumber is not only refreshing, but also loaded with vitamin A, B and K—beneficial to anti-aging, healing, bone health, blood circulation, and detoxification.

Kiwi is a fruit full of vitamin C, E and zinc, which improves and maintains skin, hair, teeth and nail health.

Grapes contain vitamin A and C and can help improve blood circulation, reduce acne and have anti-inflammatory properties. They can also be frozen and used as ice cubes for a refreshing drink!

Pineapples are a natural antibacterial that helps to reduce inflammation, fights aging, reduces sun damage and enhances your skin health. Limit intake to avoid skin redness, balance is key.

Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, C and glutamine acid, keeping your immune system and skin cells healthy. They are also ideal for cooling down while spending time in the sun.

Watermelon is an alkaline fruit that neutralizes acid in the body and has anti-aging properties.

Apples have soothing and antiseptic properties and are high in antioxidants and excellent for toning and conditioning the skin.

Pomegranates fight acne, free radicals and help prevent wrinkles.

Add one or mix a few—gift your skin and body with fruit infused water to rejuvenate your summer glow, stay hydrated and healthy. Cheers to good health and wellbeing!