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Helpful Tips for a More Stress Free Summer
published on August 26, 2016

Summertime may conjure up hazy images of lazy, easy going, do-nothing days, lounging in the warm glow of mid-afternoon sunshine. For others the summer season can also be one of the busiest times of the year and somewhat hectic bringing along its own unique kind of stress.

But we all react to stress differently so it doesn’t mean you can’t make a little room for some relaxation in a simple, yet everyday kind of way that may just work for you. It’s actually the best time of year to take advantage of the warmer weather and escape to the nearby outdoors. Here are just a few stress-reducing activities that are easy to start the next time you’re beginning to feel a bit stressed out:

Take a walk in a park – Taking a stroll in a park or spending a brief period of time in a green space, even your own garden or backyard, can help boost your mood and help put your brain in a state of meditation.

Find a new bike path – Aside from the mood-boosting lift of being outdoors, the cardio activity of cycling can improve both mind and body, improving the symptoms associated with anxiety.

Visit an aquarium – Observing aquatic life in a cool environment with subdued lighting can cause a drop in blood pressure and boost your mood.

Take a dip – There’s just something about water that brings us to a sense of calm. Whether listening to water lapping against the side of a pool or crashing against the shoreline, it’s relaxing to us and can help induce a meditative state.

Plan your lunch to be a picnic – Brighten your day by taking your lunch outdoors. Whether it’s a break alone to clear your thoughts or a way to connect with some people for friendly small talk, it’s a way to make a mid-day break more relaxing and maybe fun.

Try outdoor yoga – Yoga is a proven stress reliever, relaxing your system, releasing tension, and improving symptoms of depression. Take your mat and move your practice to the outdoors on a quiet morning or find a yoga class in the park.

While we are all familiar with the kind of things, situations, and circumstances that may come together to cause us to feel stress, we also inherently know what calms us. Do your best to find those bright spots in your day. It may be as simple as enjoying whatever moment you’re in under the sun. They are always around.