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Gratuities are greatly appreciated. As of January 1st, 2019, tips may not be charged on a credit card. We ask that tips be made in cash; an ATM is located next door to the spa. For the convenience of our guests, gratuity envelopes are provided at the reception desk upon checking out. Thank you for your understanding.

Skin Care

Yon-Ka Paris

Yon-Ka… from aromatherapy to phytotherapy:

Yon” is the river of living, purifying water, and sounds similar to “ion”, particle of energy.

Ka” is the eternal part of every being according to Egyptian mythology.

Yon and Ka unites what seems contradictory: knowledge and mystery, science and nature, movement and rest, shadows and light. Together they form a symbol of constant regeneration and newfound harmony.

At the heart of the Yon-Ka formulas: the Quintessence.

This is an extraordinary synergy of five pre-dosed essential oils with a wide field of action. It is used in the composition of 70% of the brand’s products. Depending on its concentration, it is also a relaxing or energizing olfactory treasure.

  • Fine lavender from Haute-Provence, with calming, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Geranium from Egypt, with anti-inflammatory, antalgic and healing properties.
  • Rosemary from Morocco, with antiseptic, regenerating and toning properties.
  • Cypress from Provence, with decongesting and nerve-balancing properties.
  • Thyme from Spain, an excellent stimulant with powerful antiseptic properties.

From roots to seeds, over 130 plants from the lands and seas of the entire world are used to compose Yon-Ka products and contribute to their effectiveness through targeted phyto-aromatic active ingredients.


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Skin Care Treatments

La Terme Facial

1 hour — $100

Our signature facial is gently purifying and uplifting, customized and recommended at any age, it centers on Yon-Ka’s exclusive deep cleansing regimen.  Your face is cleansed, steamed and exfoliated,  leaving you relaxed and radiant. A massage and a soothing triple clay mask with our aromatherapy based products leave your face and spirit refreshed and glowing.


up to 1 ½ hours — $130

For skin that could benefit from extra attention a deep cleansing facial suitable for every skin type, involving exfoliation, steaming, removal of impurities and massage, leaving your face revitalized and glowing.

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European Facial For Men

1 hour — $100

A facial designed specifically for men to exfoliate and soften the skin while addressing sensitivity and irritation due to shaving. Shaving is recommended before service.

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Back Facial

1 Hour — $100

A deep cleansing facial for your back and shoulders. This facial is ideal for exfoliation, steaming, removal of impurities and massage, leaving your back and shoulders refreshed and radiant.

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Escape Facial

½ Hour — $50

A mini facial to revive and nourish the face. Ideal for an instant glow before a special occasion.

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Microdermabrasion (Face & Neck)

1 Hour — $135

Series of 3 — $345

A treatment to gently remove the outer layer of the skin. We use a Diamond tipped wand to abrade the surface of your skin causing little to no discomfort while leaving your skin looking and feeling healthier. It is helpful for sun damage, acne scars, minor skin imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles.

(Consultation is required prior to scheduling.)

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Anti-Aging Collagen Facial

up to 1 ½​ hours — $160 (with Extractions)

Our signature La Terme Facial is combined with a 100% collagen mask and serum. A deeply hydrating treatment that rejuvenates the skin resulting in increased smoothness and firmness.

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Hydralessence Facial

1 Hour — $130

This effective, year-round hydrating treatment is perfect for all skin types, especially when the skin starts showing symptoms of dehydration. Treatment highlights include two massages, extractions, and two masks, combining relaxation with results. High-performing marine and botanical actives leave the skin visibly soothed, and re-balanced, and softer.

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Alpha Vital Facial

1 ¼​ hours — $120

A rejuvenating facial treatment to smooth fine lines and wrinkles through the application of resurfacing Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids. Perfect for post acneic, tired, stressed or aging skin.

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Vitamin C Facial

1 Hour — $140

A potent treatment to brighten the skin, fight dark spots, and unify the complexion. Appropriate for all skin colors and backgrounds, the treatment features double exfoliation with a botanical peel and a professional-only brightening peel with Vitamin C. Hand care is included. Your skin will be brighter, refreshed, and more even toned.

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Hair Removal Services

Hair Removal Services for Women

Brows — $20
Brows (series of 6) — $100
Lip — $10
Lip (series of 6) — $50
Lip & Brows — $25
Face — $30
Chin — $10
Side Burns — $10
Cheeks — $8
Arms — $40
Above Knee — $45
Below Knee — $35
Full Leg — $70
Foot — $10
Underarm — $25
Back — $55 & up
Chest — $60
Stomach — $20
Bikini — $30 & up
Bikini (series of 6) — $150
High Bikini — $35 & up
High Bikini (series of 6) — $175
Brazilian — $70 & up

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Hair Removal Services for Men

Brows ( Nufree &/or tweeze) — $20
Chest — $60
Back — $55 & up
Neckline — $15
Stomach — $20

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Nufree® Nudesse, the botanical method of liquid hair removal. It is natural, self preserving antibacterial, antimicrobial, non-wax, and contains no sugar or honey. Estheticians and dermatologists have stood by this professional product for over 30 years.
Made in the USA

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Spa guests must be at least 18 years of age to receive an appointment for any of our spa treatments.

Massage therapy is a healing art form through which each practitioner approaches his or her work uniquely, drawing from a wide range of techniques specific to his or her training and experience. Massage styles will vary between each individual therapist.